Galvanized Profile Structure

The galvanized steel can be formed into steel studs for use as a building material rough-framing in commercial or residential constructions, and many other applications. The linear manufacturing process facilitates the production

Light gage steel profiles are U and C form profiles from 50mm to 350mm width in a thickness range of 1mm to 4mm, and light gage steel structures are pre-assebled profiles used in construction of houses, warehouses, production plants up to 24meter width.

As a light gage steel profile producer we develop VAIEN Structure Systems for housing and industrial buildings. Within our high technology systems , we use galvanized steel profiles , and easy connection bolting systems which provides us the quality and the price advantage as well.

We are specialized on industrial buildings as logistic centers, commercial centers, showrooms, farms , factory buildings. Lately we are applying our light steel systems for housing projects in the balkans, middle east and Africa.